Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ed Al Poe

Edgar Allan Poe LTC, the first round using brads. Brads are fun I have found. Such a simple concept that make it possible for the trippy wheel being Ed's head to rotate (interactive LTC :D). I wonder how Edgar Allan Poe would react to Ed. I have to think it would be beneath him

Oooohweeeiiii Awesome Stash of LTC's

This whole Canada Post, reduced service, in the hole, who "mails" things anymore thing hasn't really engaged me. I am from the country, where last time I mailed something to my parents it took 10 days to reach them, I can mail things to California faster than that. However, that was until I got this awesome stash of LTC's in the mail. I took the pictures below of myself having quality time with my cat as we look at these wonderful pieces of art from Aiphid and Adventure Crafter. Yes I am in bed, and yes my cat and I did discuss each card, and yes I looked at them again the next morning, it's all out there now. The point is that I would have been very sad to have had to wait longer than I absolutely had to ( even though I was expecting a package I did not expect one of this magnitude) in order to get these cards. On the note about postal services- I got a package in the mail that had been missing for almost 2 1/2 months (in fact I had received another package from the same mailer that was mailed long after the first sooner than that package). It kind of makes me wonder its journey, was it just forgot about or did it go on some awesome adventure due to a technical mishap. Alas, thanks for the cards guys. I feel so happy :D. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tarot Tarot LTC

Just felt the desire to share my Tarot inspired LTC- it is from the Wild Unknown Card Deck series.

The white spotty edges around the card were actually a texture I created on the stamp itself using a lino cut tool (the little fork looking tool). I used this on my house stamp (the latest) as well and love the effect it makes. The background paper is a silver/off white shimmer and I used stayzon and then put embossing powder on it. My goal was to not create a fully embossed look but add texture by having some raised areas.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

House Stamp Round 2

Having an etsy store sets the stage for me to doing repeat carves. While carving the same damn owl 6 times in a row ( skeleton owl halloween circa 2013) can get a bit tedious I like comparing how my skills improve from one stamp to the next. This is just the case with this house stamp. You may remember a little over a year ago I carved a house stamp for a coworker as a present when she bought a new home. You can see the carve below. I remember when I carved this I was so proud, to be able to get depth and texture, regardless of how limited it was. I was pretty proud of that shrub out front as well. 

It has been a year since I have carved a stamp like this but recently a lady purchased a custom stamp of her house. I think her husband has a porch business as he designed and made the porch in the photo. So I went to carving.

Photo of the house
Stencil of the photo

I created the texture in the top of the house by taking a little fork looking tool used for lino cuts and scraping pieces of the OZ Kut. Love how it turned out. I think it is fantastic to have these measures to compare your once carving to your skills a year later

Always time for a little LTC

I have been busy trying to bust out everything I can before I leave for Florida on Monday. Don't you feel sorry for me. You should, where I am going there are NO new letterboxes for me to get, travesty.

Anyways, I have had a number of LTC cards that I have been working on. Where the Wild Things Are. I used a faux suede material to stamp on and used an archival ink for the image. I love how it turned out and it is is fuzzy.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Front Page of the Paper .....and the bitter reality of fame.

A while back someone had asked me on here if there had been any publicity around the yarn bombing that happened late on December 7th. The 20 trees in 20 minutes initiative :D.

Well I hesitated to show this for a bit because my whole initiative was met with some pain in the ass ignorant comments from passive aggressive community members who do nothing to change injustice but still think they are better than everyone else because once a year they bake cookies for kittens. Which at the time upset me, not because they did not like it. You don't yarnbomb just to make friends, you do it to get people engaged in their surroundings, to care, to talk and even if that is in debate mode I think it has value. What frustrated me was the argument that these blankets should have gone to the homeless.... sigh!

The conversation that ensued from that comment was actually on my neighbourhood associations facebook page and went something like this.

Guy 1- This is awesome, so glad to see it in our community. Yay!

Passive aggressive neighbour 1- Yarnbombing should be art, this is not art. It should be bright colours, these are muted. I think it is kind of ugly. ( Okay, I can handle this)

Cookies for Kittens lady- This is horrible, these blankets should be given to the homeless. This is a waste of resources- BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Guy 1- I know tones of agencies that have an abundance of blankets for the homeless, there is always a surplus ( a fact that is true). I think we need to just enjoy this art and the joy it brings to the community ( I like this guy, me and this guy are cut from the same cloth on this one- the elite and the smarter of the community I believe-haha)

Me- pretending I did not do the yarnbombing- I think that anything that gets a community talking is a great thing. I personally love yarnbombing but as long as it gets people interacting it could be anything on those trees. As for the homeless comment. I worked with the homeless and I can tell you, your efforts would be much better used advocating for more affordable housing, or writing a letter to city council, volunteering at a shelter, paying someones heat who cannot afford it. There is always an abundance of blankets and I don't think that blankets are really going to solve the issue.

Cookies for Kittens ( posts under my comment)- I am now doing a blanket drive, so if anyone wants to drop off blankets I know lots of places that could use them

I later learned she works for Family and Childrens Services (which is a type of person/ social worker in my world that I tend to very much dislike and causes me endless annoyance- this is not all but a trend is there). I also learned she ruined the community garden last year with this same sort of crap. What can I say---- I research my enemies :D

So what I gained out of this is:

1. Toughen up and avoid the trap ( although the trap is more appealing when you are anonymous and have strict privacy settings on facebook)

2. The question: What the hell is a homeless guy going to do with a fucking baby blanket ( which is what I used on the trees) AND how much of a flip off would I get for giving a homeless guy a baby blanket to " KEEP HIM WARM"

3. There is a 90% chance those damn blankets she collected went to the women's shelter ( again typifying her but come on). Seeing as I work for that agency, can I make a cash donation, take those blankets, find out her house and then yarnbomb her front yard (without getting caught). Challenge accepted.

4.  In thinking strategically moving forward I will not only yarnbomb with doilies. Because what are they going to say, " The grannies deserve their doilies, this is an outrage."

5. And if Cookies for Kittens wants to be a pain and do a blanket drive maybe I should do a SOCK BOMBED tree and she can do a sock drive, which is something actually useful for homeless folk. We always run out of socks.

And my last learning- letterboxers are awesome in Ontario because they understand and appreciate this kind of thing and would laugh with  me at one comment " maybe they are hanging on the tree for the homeless to take." Why would anyone do that? Why?

So to sum up, yarnbombing, front page of the paper, facebook fight, anonymous lesson in civic engagement, foiled plan with a blanket drive, angry homeless folk burning baby blankets and next time repurpose brighter colours so my passive aggressive neighbours are happier.

Aside from this article, our regular KW Record put a call out to find out who did the yarnbombing. I remained hidden due to just not wanting to be the face and feeling slight shame for having knitted almost nothing on those trees. hah. And also, if they are really reporters they should be able to sniff me out. I mean look up Yarnbombing in Kitchener Waterloo and my blog comes up in the pictures section. If they wanted me they could have found me. Oh and apparently CTV news used it as a "On location" site for the weather- although I missed that one.

and the polite letter to the editor to take the blankets done and ONCE AGAIN GIVE THEM TO THE HOMELESS

Friday, January 24, 2014

Yarnbombing White River Junction, NH, VT

I am in love with Valley Quest ( I have been for four years now. When I started my masters I looked up letterboxing and community development because I saw a connection and was entertaining a Ph.D., an idea I still flirt with but two years of a masters program kind of beat that desire right out of me, and wanted to somehow do letterboxing as a Ph.D. Lofty goal but Valley Quest was the answer. I am saving Valley Quest for their own post (one of many blog posts I have on my "to write" list) but what you need to know is that the chance to meet with them and talk shop brought us to White River Junction.

Typically I have some sort of yarn hanging out in my car and I had brought a few left overs to add to the yarnbombing at Live Breathe (or so was my initial intention). We pulled in White River Junction early so we decided to look around the town. It screamed what myself and starhexen love, little shops, interesting architecture, a train- heck ya!. 

We pulled into a spot on the main "drag" and we looked up and there it was, some post prime yarnbombing, sitting there, weathered and blending in- to the point I almost missed it. Looking around we saw a yarn shop close by and realized that it was likely them who owned the bomb. 

We entered the store and asked the girl working if it would be okay if we added to their yarnbomb. She agreed and even provided us with some wool to stitch it up, a ladder and anything else we needed.  So we went to town. While it isn't the most beautiful bombing I have done what was amazing was that the town was totally into it. People stopped and talked to us, a young child said " look mom knit graffiti"- PS: awesome parenting. People were just happy to stop and be part of the action. I never feel like this yarnbombing in my town so it was a nice change and we got to leave our mark on the town, the town that left a HUGE mark on us.